Will personal stylists replace online shopping?

My daughter received a box and I asked her what did she order? She said that her personal stylist “Stitch Fix” sent her a box with clothes. My thoughts were: A personal stylist, who has personal stylist money? How do they know what you like? Later, she opened up the box and I was presently surprised how they had picked out a nice affordable outfit for her to wear. Yep (Yes), affordable.

She said, that if they send you an item you do not like. you can send it back for Free. Also, you get to examine the items before you pay for the item (I like that too). They do charge a small stylist fee ($20.00) when they ship the order (I can live with this part).

You can set a budget range on what you want to spend per item. Somebody sign me up quickly.  I thought I was in the modern ages with online shopping and saving time.

Now, I have found a new trend (at least new to me).  It is time to let someone shop for me. Well I am giving “Stitch Fix” a try! I will let you know how about my experience with Stitch Fix.   Have you tried a online personal stylist? How did it work out for you?