Brutus Keychains: 2020 Review for Women

Brutus Keychains are self defense keychains where the ears are sharp and made of strong ABS plastic.

You just put your fingers through the eyes of the bull dog and this becomes a personal protector.


1)The plastic is really strong.

2) The edges are sharp enough to go through a cardboard box.

3) You can maintain control when you put your finger through the eyes, so it cannot be snatched out of your hands by an attacker.

4) If you have large hands, your fingers may not fit in the whole.

5) You can attach to your keys. I am not a fan of leaving it on your keys while you are driving. The Brutus is pretty big to hang from your ignition.

6) Recommended for women and young ladies who do not want to carry a stun gun or firearm.

7) Not legal in some states. Check your local laws.