Lipstick and Perfume Stun Gun Review

Divine Safety Review: Lipstick and Perfume Stun Guns

Lipstick and Perfume Stun Gun are self defense protectors women can use should they encounter an attacker. They are pretty simple to use. The green button when press down is a flashlight. The red button is the stun device.


1) Looks like perfume 2) Easy to conceal in purse or jacket 3) Hold a charge typically 3 or 4 weeks (sometimes longer) before requiring charging again.  4) Come with a charger. 5) Definitely will send high voltage through an attacker.


1) If you leave them in a hot car the plastic around the base will loosen 2) If you pull on the cap too hard it can come apart.  I know they are cute, but they are not toys.

Use them wisely and follow your state laws.  

To Purchase or learn more select the link: Divine Safety Lipstick and Perfume Stun Guns