Halloween and harvest safety tips

October is a time when young children will be going from house-to-house, church events, community events, and parties.  With little children out at night it is important to keep safety in the front of our minds.  Parents and guardians should take an active role with their children on October 31st. Here are some safety tips:

  1. Allow your children to wait until you have checked the candy before they consumes the candy.
  2. Check the costume to make sure it is flame resistant.
  3. Check to make sure your children do not carry something they can trip over and hurt themselves; Example a stick, cane, pitch forks, too long of a costume. Carry a flashlight or glow sticks.
  4. Check Sex Offender Registry.
  5. Ensure a responsible parent or adult travels with young children. Older children travel in groups.
  6. Remember to hold the hands of a little child when crossing roads.  Never assume a motorist sees you, they may not, take the extra minute to wait before crossing.
  7. Stay on lighted roads and do not go to homes with no lights. Homeowners, please make sure porch light is on.  Remove debris, so children will not trip over it.
  8. Make sure the costumes are light colored or  have reflector strips. Secure id tags within your children clothing.
  9. Since you are traveling with children and may not want to take pepper spray with you; consider taking a personal alarm.  Typically, a personal alarm db are around 110-120db which are loud enough to let people know in close proximity that you are in trouble.
  10. Travel time for trick or treat depends on the town city, or county. Recommend using a reliable search engine to check with local police or officials suggestions.